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We are the market leaders in Saurashtra region of Gujarat state for international brands of wallpapers imported by our business partners from leading brands in Germany, Belgium, Holland, USA and Korea. We are offering widest product range in wallpapers in terms of design and quality from contemporary to classical to natural products. Aavaran has become the prime choice for customers looking for variety in wallpaper designs.

“Aavaran” has succeeded in delighting its customers over and over with unusual wallpaper varieties, thus further reinforcing the ‘Aavaran’ as a famous brand. At Aavaran, every collection is handpicked by us which provides a distinct and outstanding interior decoration for each individual. After completing 30 years, Aavaran  still has the ability for both, customer surprise and customer delight. Our main aim is to provide the best of Wallpapers to all our customers.

"Aavaran donates 1% of the income collected from selling the Wallpapers to Happy School, Ghanteshwar, Jamnagar Road, Rajkot as a payback service to the society."


hrWe offer all kinds of wallpapers especially for vinyl / wood coverings. All our products are washable and of first grade, introduced to strive for the best quality and most satisfying services.

“COLOR IN HARMONY & DESIGN OF ELEGANCE” is the priority of the collection. Our wall covering products offered are applicable to office buildings, business areas, living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and ceilings of all kinds.